The House Courtyard - Autumn
The House with Simba and Hunter - Summer

Meet your host


Anwar Wali Khan

مشر (Chief)

A renaissance man.

A poet; Free-style polo player and horse trainer; Local guide and cultural activist.

Welcoming and showing you around in Upper Chitral.

⟟ Base at Booni


We offer exclusive hiking and horseback riding trips within Booni and other nearby villages.

The Village - Looking West
The Village - Blossom
Shepeshun Meadows


Booni — Valley among meadows and hill farms

Centered within an archipelago of villages, poetically parting Hindukush range from Hinduraj.

Shepeshun Meadows Rock Wall - Looking Qaqlasht Meadows
Shepeshun Meadows - Looking Booni Zom

🏠 Welcoming you!

Come, break bread, learn folklores and enjoy clean air, rich culture, languages, music, poetry,
and hikes you fancy at our humble abode!

24 hour checkin - Kitchen - Laundry - Iron - Free Wifi - Playgrounds - Evening entertainment - Meeting Rooms - Pets allowed

CALL AT: 923338737979

Village White Rock Guest House
KruiJunali Road, Booni, Upper Chitral
KPK, Pakistan

Already in town? The markets lead to the guest house, just ask anyone for Anwar and you'll be brought home!
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How to reach Booni, Upper Chitral

1. Take a flight or bus to Chitral town
2. Pick a morning ride from town
3. Enjoy two hours of scenic drive to Booni